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09 June 2017
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Flying to Stratosphere with Mig 29 Fulcrum...07 January 2017 , Tufan Sevincel

Flying the Stratosphere

It is now possible to fly at the altitudes where the mighty spy planes of the Cold War once roamed. Tufan Sevincel, who is getting ready to fly to the Stratosphere with a MiG-29 belonging to the Russian Air Force from an air base near Moscow, states that this flight will be made towards the end of January. The hour-long supersonic flight reaching speeds of around 2400 km/hr (2.25 Mach) will take place above the Troposphere - 17 km above mean sea level - which sets the absolute ceiling of many commercial airliners and will be made by a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 "Fulcrum". During the course of this flight, the jet will climb approximately to 18-19 km, which corresponds to around 60,000 ft where it will be possible to see the curvature of the Earth. Being the first ever extremely manoeuvrable air superiority and multi-role fighter with two turbofan engines, the pilots will be subject to high g-forces during the flight manoeuvres. After taking-off from Nizhny Novgrod Air Base, the jet will be climbing relatively slowly at the transition between the Troposphere to the Tropopause. However when an altitude of around 9-10 km is reached, supersonic flight will be achieved at the Tropopause which is the interface between the Troposphere and Stratosphere.
Although the temperatures stagnate at a range of values around -50 to -60 °C, there will be an increase of roughly 1 °C per km at the lower segments of the Stratosphere. Due to this kind of temperature distribution the air currents are less existent at this strata of the atmosphere, resulting in much more efficient flight and extended range for the jet. The MiG will be cruising at straight-and-level flight for 7 minutes once the Stratosphere is reached, making it possible for the pilots to enjoy the vista of the curvature of the Earth.
During the descent back to the Earth after the Stratosphere flight at an altitude of 5 km, the MiG-29 will be demonstrating aerobatic manoeuvres which will push the performance limits of the aircraft. Attaining up to 7 g's as experienced by the pilots, the jet will execute manoeuvres such as hammer head, steep turns, corkscrews, low-altitude passes, and so on.
Being the first ever Turkish circumnavigator pilot, Tufan Sevincel has an exclusive interest and passion for aircraft designed and built in the Soviet Union. Having flown in diverse fixed-wing and rotorcraft manufactured during the Soviet-era such as the MiG-15, L-29, L-39, Antonov 2, Yak-52, Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-17, Tupolev 204, Ilyushin IL-62, Tu-154B2, Ilyushin IL-18 , Ilyushin IL-76, Antonov An-148, Antonov An-24, and Tupolev Tu-134, Tufan Sevincel also holds an ATPL and a helicopter license.